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Bryan McMahon Principal Lawyer in our professional negligence lawyers NSW department.

He has acted as a professional negligence lawyer and handled negligence matters since the firm’s inception in 1986.

Mr. McMahon is on the New South Wales Law Society referral panel for professional negligence cases.

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We act for plaintiffs and defendants, claimants and insurers.

We specialise in a particular field of law to excel at it and provide the best service possible.

We don’t claim to be experts in every area of the law, but we know a lot about the ones we focus on, so our customers always get prompt, thorough, and affordable assistance.


Why Choose McMahons Lawyers
as your negligence lawyers in sydney

We act in relation to professional negligence matters involving: accountants, engineers, financial planners, insurance brokers, lawyers, medical practitioners, surveyors, valuers and virtually any type of professional service.

To put it simply, if you feel that the qualified and experienced professional you hired and relied upon to provide a service for you has neglected to do their job, we may be able to help you find a resolution.

The negligence lawyers at our Sydney office will listen carefully to the details of your experience, take the time to understand what your goals are in your matter, and develop a plan to put you back in the position you were in before you were let down by the professionals.

A Track Record Of Delivering Results in Professional Negligence

Because of our insurance law expertise, we are particularly well suited to acting in matters where insurance cover has been denied to a professional.

In such cases, we are able not only to act for the defendant professional, but endeavor to resolve his or her insurance law disputes and achieve a result.

How do I know if I have a professional negligence claim?

In a recent case, we acted for an accountant whose professional indemnity insurance had been denied by his insurer.

We were able to negotiate a settlement whereby the insurer agreed to fund the accountant’s defense and to provide partial coverage of the claim.

The case proceeded to finality, and we were successful.

Many professions require a certain level of insurance as a prerequisite for professional registration; if you are attempting to get coverage and believe you are being unfairly denied a policy, we may be able to assist.

How much time do I have to make a claim for professional negligence?

All claims should be made within seven years, it is not too late to act now. 

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Professional Negligence Lawyers NSW

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